XiaoMi Mi Electric Scooter (White)
XiaoMi Mi Electric Scooter (White)
XiaoMi Mi Electric Scooter (White)
XiaoMi Mi Electric Scooter (White)
XiaoMi Mi Electric Scooter (White)

XiaoMi Mi Electric Scooter (White)

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  • The electric scooter comes with a dual-brake system. The front wheel has E-ABS anti-lock system, while the rear wheel uses mechanical disk brake. The braking distance can be shortened to 4 meters, making your riding much safer
  • Powered by 18650 lithium-ion battery pack with a battery capacity of 280Wh and offering an overlong cruising distance of 30km
  • Comes with a intelligent BMS battery management system. To display the battery conditions through the APP downloaded in your mobile phone
  • 6 protection functions: short-circuit protection, over-current protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, low-voltage protection, and temperature anomaly protection
  • Kinetic energy recovery system - The electric scooter has a kinetic energy recovery system that converts kinetic energy into electric energy and offers a better battery life
  • Smart APP to track your cycling habits, riding speed, battery life, etc.
  • There are 4 LED lights displaying the battery capacity, to easily see the amount of battery remaining.
  • 3 seconds quick folding design, stable and convenient.


  • Model: M365
  • Material: aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Wheel size: 8.5 inch inflatable tire 
  • Motor size: 6.7 inch 
  • Maximum torque: 16N.m
  • Maximum speed: 25km/h ( common mode ), 18km/h ( energy-saving mode ) 
  • Cruising distance: 30km
  • Braking system: front E-ABS anti-lock system, rear mechanical disk brake
  • Rated motor power: 250W
  • Maximum motor power: 500W
  • Battery pack power: 280Wh
  • Climbing gradient: approx 14 degree 
  • Waterproof grade: IP54
  • Pedal ground clearance: 87.5mm
  • Max load: 100kg
  • Charger rated power: 71W
  • Charger input voltage: 100 - 240V, 50 / 60Hz
  • Battery limited voltage: 42V
  • Charging time: 5.5 hours 
  • Standard power consumption: 1.1kWh per 100km
  • Unfolding size: 108 x 43 x 114cm 
  • Folding size: 108 x 43 x 49cm
  • Net weight: 12.5kg 


  • 1. The scooter contains a safety feature to prevent accidental launch when not riding. To ride the scooter, the user must perform a push-off or kick-off to enable the electric motor for riding. Once enabled, use the accelerator to speed up and get going. 
  • 2. Do not use the scooter during heavy rain or through puddles to prevent slipping or accidents. 
  • 3. Please check your local laws before riding the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter



  • If product is shipped domestically in Canada, no extra charges will be incurred. Ex. Import duty.
  • Product/s will be shipped out within 2 business days of receiving payment.
  • If there are defects on the product's packaging due to shipping, please have the courier return the product immediately.
  • Returns will be accepted within 14 days from purchase date, and exchanges will be accepted within 30 days from purchase date. Returns and exchanges will need to have the original receipt and original packaging, unopened.
  • If you have any issues or concerns with our product, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
  • ElectriGear is NOT responsible for any bodily harm done to the operator or others while operating of the XiaoMi Mi Electric Scooter.
  • Local pick up at our warehouse is available!